About Us

Woodbridge Greengrocers is a family owned, friendly, independent greengrocers offering a great selection of local and international produce – if it is in season anywhere around the world, we will normally have it.

We are located in the little food hub in Woodbridge, the Turban Centre (named after the original canning factory on the site) where there’s a butcher and fishmonger within a few steps.

We focus on taste, quality, freshness and value for money.

Our small shop size belies our knowledge and experience, we must be the only greengrocer (or any company that sells fruit and vegetables) that:

  • only buys the highest quality produce and
  • gets produce directly from local farms and directly from Europe and
  • taste tests our produce so we know if it’s good enough (one of the biggest perks of the job!)

(sorry for blowing our trumpet – but 100,000+ customer visits this year shows we know our onions … and strawberries … and more besides)

We focus on the produce so you know that you will get the best tasting, quality fruit and vegetables from Suffolk, the U.K., and the rest of the world.
We also try and focus on the environmental cost of the business, so we reduce the amount of packaging – our produce is offered loose where possible, we offer takeaway boxes or borrow bags to use instead of plastic bags, we recycle/reuse our cardboard, provide our spare wooden/plastic boxes for customers and other businesses to use – and generally try and lower our carbon footprint by using local farms where possible – less miles from field to fork and less time from field to fork for a much better taste.